Toldja! ‘97% Consensus’ on Climate Change is a Crock

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“Only global government can save us!”

Not that we should be at all surprised by this, but a libertarian group, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, has filed a formal complain against NASA for the space agency’s 2013 claim, endlessly repeated since then, that “97% of scientists” believe human activity is the chief cause of “climate change” (

NASA arrived at that figure, CEI charges, by simply ignoring some 8,000 published scientific papers whose authors were “undecided” about the issue.

The Obama administration corrupted everything it touched, including NASA. Like all the rest of the Climbit Change Alarmist Marching & Chowder Society, NASA fudged the figures to come up with the political statement that they wanted. Science and politics is always such a bad mix.

Don’t expect NASA to recant until all the Obama appointees are weeded out. Then maybe the space agency can get back to exploring space.

Until then, they’re just another bunch of left-wing liars making a play for global government.

7 comments on “Toldja! ‘97% Consensus’ on Climate Change is a Crock

  1. Not the first time they were caught fudging the numbers to support man-made climate change if I recall.

  2. NASA has definitely fallen from the credible organization it once was. BTW, have you noticed that they haven’t launched a human into space in quite a while?

    1. These days they have basically become a defunct government organization. It really went downhill when Obama became president and they started pandering to Muslims. Nowadays they have to release sensational stories to get any attention. Innovation has pretty much switched to private industry such as SpaceX, even though it has its fair share of government subsidies.

  3. I wanted to comment on “How Much Can I Write Before It Rains” but comments were disabled. I just wanted to say how much I love John chapter 3 where it says those born-again are like the wind.

    Today while moving the lawn and listening to Rush Limbaugh, he told of a Congressional meeting where it was shown global warming has been happening on a steady basis since the ice age thousands of years ago. Every 100 years the globe has warmed about the same as the last 100 years. It has nothing to do with what mankind is doing.

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