‘Bono: Give ISIS Comedy’ (2016)

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A grown man with earrings in both ears just has to be the smartest guy in the room…

Back when rock star Bono proposed this incredibly clever way of dealing with ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria was tearing up the Middle East while President *Batteries Not Included whistled a happy tune. But how wrong can it be, to be guided in policy by a celebrity?

Bono: Give ISIS Comedy

Burning people alive, beheading them, tossing them off buildings–these were ISIS’ pastimes. But according to Bono, some good ol’ rib-tickling comedy would’ve set them straight. Eventually a diet of high exposives administered by the U.S. Air Force and allies reduced ISIS to a shadow of its former self.  But surely Henny Youngman or Laurel and Hardy could’ve done it faster!

The thing about celebrities, see, is that they know everything and can just about always be talked into telling you what you should do.

4 comments on “‘Bono: Give ISIS Comedy’ (2016)

  1. It would be like taking direction from Barbie dolls and superman figures made of plastic.

  2. People seem to confuse fame with significance. Bono is very famous. I will concede that he is a decent enough singer, although I’m not really a U2 fan. But that doesn’t make him particularly significant. His opinions are not of any greater value, just because he is a famous entertainer.

    I don’t know how all of this got started. Was it the press hanging on every syllable uttered by the Beatles? It may well preceded that. Why do people adopt their values from entertainers? It makes no sense.

    What makes even less sense is the notion that comedy is the way to soften the heart of a terrorist. Doesn’t Bono realize what this is all about. These aren’t weekend warriors fighting for ISIS and then returning home to live what we in the West would think of as a normal life.

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