Win a Ship!

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Psst! Byron the Quokka here, and let’s whisper, shall we, because we don’t want Lee to overhear us.

I’ve figured out how to wake this blog up, good and proper.

If anyone out there is bouncy enough to win both the comment contest and the Bell Mountain Trivia Contest–well, then, crikey, mate! You’ll win a ship!

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All right, I admit the Tar Princess needs a bit of tender loving care, she’s sort of a fixer-upper. But yea and forsooth–it’s a ship! And the Tar Princess, well, she’s just been sitting there for years, whoever owns her doesn’t want her anymore.

C’mon, now! How many blokes and sheilas on your block own a ship???

So let’s start commenting, let’s get into a Bell Mountain state of mind, whatever that is–and let’s get this blog here humming again!

15 comments on “Win a Ship!

    1. Splendid!!

      I already made up my mind where to go first… Tarshish!

  1. Hey, all it needs is a new coat of paint. Wouldn’t it be great if this comment of mine is the one that wins? Well, great for me, anyway. I will christen the Tar Princess with a born-again name, but won’t spill the beans until I have won. 🙂

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