‘Resistant Christianity’

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This month’s Chalcedon editorial warns us: “What begins with erasing God from society and institutions must make its way to the hearts and minds of believers.”


It’s not that the Church, or Christ’s Kingdom, is going to fail. But we as individuals can; and history is littered with the bones of failed countries and societies.

We don’t want America winding up there, do we?

The temptation is always “Go along to get along.” And so we compromise with a Godless world. We want people to think we’re nice guys. Next thing you know, we’re attending a baby shower for a woman who’s having a baby by her “boyfriend” while still married to her husband.

Cultural compromise is giving away half the Church’s ground whenever the world demands it.

Faithfulness has to win back the ground. Has to–or America is finished.

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  1. You are so right, Lee. I insist I will never compromise or “go along to get along”. I never have, never will. Maybe I get away with it now because I am 86 years old (though many people tell me I look nowhere near that old, which doesn’t matter), and I am only five feet tall, not very threatening looking, but I know the Scriptures and when people start talking things that do not agree with them, I will not give ground. As a result, I have been asked to take a teaching position in my church.
    I would be so ashamed of myself if I were to compromise the truth when my Lord has done so much for me. He deserves better.
    By the way, I finally got back on line just an hour ago this morning after being down for 2 days, while a crew installed new equipment. Grrr, Fap and all that– so frustrating. I had hundreds of things to clear out of my inbox.

  2. Here is a hymn suggestion, in case I haven’t requested it recently. Lord Take All that I Have by Carroll Roberson

  3. In the 1970’s Tim LaHaye wrote a blockbuster, “The Battle for the Mind” in which he exposed Humanism. But the church became bored with the subject of Humanism and it is seldom mentioned anymore. I love the Chalcedon Foundation and its ministry, and support it financially on a regular basis. In fact, this month’s Chalcedon Report’s featured article is by Lee Duigan “A Way of Censorship.” Remember Lee telling us about it ahead of time? You can find it on the Chalcedon website, or better yet, sign up to receive the Report – it’s free to all.

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