‘Prof Seeks Funds for Zombie Study’ (2015)

Bob Hope hits the bullseye.

Yes–now you can go to collidge, and run of a $150,000 debt, to study… zombies.

Prof Seeks Funds for Zombie Study

The fact that there’s no such thing as zombies doesn’t seem to deter anyone. College students study a lot of things that don’t exist and never have. Unless you define “white privilege” as the privilege of being blamed for everything and having to pay for entitlements to Democrat voting blocs.

Our universities–making America dumber by the day.

‘Prof Seeks Funds for Zombie Studies’ (2015)

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Since this announcement was made in 2015, how many students have graduated from college thinking zombies are real?


Then again, you might say they seem more real than they did three years ago! Take a gander at the nooze. If some of those people aren’t zombies, they do a really good imitation of ’em.

Shuld I Change My Majer?

Ha, ha, that big dop is out Chrismis shoppin so now i got his blog.

Hay, Im thinkin of changing my majer becose Gender Studies its so hard, i been at it 5 yeares now and stil tryin to get my Batchler’s Degre. And then i here abuot the Universtity going to start a whole new Departmint of Zomby Studies! My prefesser he sayed we got the idea from Kent state ( http://leeduigon.com/2015/12/16/prof-seeks-funds-for-zombie-study. ).

Wuld yiu beleave it, som stopid Repulbican stodent sayed “But there no sech thing as a zomby”!! So thare istnt no point to studdy it! So now he got to go to Sensativty Traning or else git kicked out of scoohl.

Anyhow my prefesser he sayed it dont matter becose Realty is onely a Socail Construck, witch meens that zombees is reel if they is reel to yuo! He sayed we All Post moderns now and yiu cant be a interllectural if you not Post Modem. So thare istnt no reel Realty but onely whateffer yiu think is reel! Exept you not aloud to think stuf like Homo phobia or Climbit Change Denyal, that not reel at al even if yiu think it reel.

So may be I change my majer, or may be even get two degres, one for Gender Studies and one for Zomby Studies, boy wuuild I be smart then!!

P.S.–I stil got to ware a hat al the time becose of my moth antenners that growed on my heade wen they shot me ful of moth Hormoanes, and i stil has not go female cromasoames so I gess the exspearmint istnt goin to work affter al. But it aint al bad havin moth Hormoanes, i had som  body’s necktie for lunch to day and it was delishace!