It’s Killing Us Back

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It’s getting so you expect to see mass shootings in the nooze, you can’t keep track of them; and if it’s not a mass shooting, then it’s some other lurid crime that once upon a time would’ve had the whole nation goggle-eyed for months but now just comes and goes, because there’s always another one, just as awful, to crowd it off the front page.

So we’re gonna have more gun laws. Yeah, that’ll do it.

The Smartest People In America–“progressive” politicians, academics, noozies, judges, ACLU lawyers, Hollywood, teachers’ unions, etc.–have spent sixty years poisoning, debasing, and debauching our culture–that is, corrupting our national character–and now everybody’s astounded that our culture is killing us back.

All the laws you can write won’t restrain bad people from being bad. Guns are virtually banned in London, but their murder rate topped New York’s this year. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

We’ve killed our culture. How? By teaching and preaching that good is evil and evil is good. Look at it. Sixty million unborn babies massacred. Drag Queen Story Hour. “The hero of this movie is a villain!” Everything is racist. Transgender. Out of one side of their mouths they preach radical autonomy, you’re a little tin god, your truth is the only truth that matters, “Good job!”–and out of the other, they’ll tell you what you can or can’t eat, can or can’t say, can or can’t think. This stuff makes people crazy.

The worst thing they’ve done–which started with them abolishing school prayer in the early 1960s–has been to teach the nation to despise God’s laws. Oh, we can still believe in Him, as long as we don’t mind being openly mocked by Smart People–and as long as we bend the knee to “choice,” transgender, same-sex pseudomarriage, and anything else the Left demands we hail as sacred. We are expected to honor and “celebrate” abominable things. It can’t help but maim our character.

Once upon a time first Israel, then Judah, rejected God’s laws and disrespected him by trying to elevate false gods to His level, or even merge them with Him in their minds; and their depraved beliefs led them to depraved actions–child sacrifice, idolatry, murder, and the abuse of law and government for private gain. So God destroyed their kingdoms.

He will eventually intervene in history. He always does, sooner or later. He will intervene in hours.

Pray that for Jesus’ sake He leads our country to repentance, not destruction.

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Christ Pantokrator–Ruler of All

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  1. AMEM, repentance is the only solution. God has not changed, and He still punishes sin and rewards obedience.

  2. Today my sub-teach assignment was to read an article about the Maya civilization and how through the latest technology archaeologists are able to blast the rain forests of Guatemala with billions of light pulses which reveal where to look for the ruins. The result has been a correction in how big and advanced this civilization really was – probably 10 million people who were way more advanced in science than Europe at the same time. But it has not been discovered why this civilization disappeared? If Western Civilization disappears we will know why – rejection of the God of the Bible.

    1. Near as we can discover so far, the Mayan people abandoned their cities because their rulers demanded too much of them in the way of perpetual warfare and unpaid construction labor.

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