NFL Getting Despised Back

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The reddish-orange areas are empty seats.

This weekend was the 100th anniversary of the National Football League, the pro sports league that leads all the others in showing disdain for America, and fans celebrated by staying away in droves (

Acres and acres of empty seats at one stadium after another–in Cleveland, Jacksonville, Miami, and Charlotte, just to name a few. The Breitbart article has pictures of all the fan-starved stadiums.

According to one commenter, CNN–yeah, CNN: what would possess you to watch it?–reported that the sea of empty seats was due to–wait for it!–“fans are disappointed that no team signed Colon [sic].” Colin Whatsisname is the mediocrity who started this whole schtick of “Take a knee to show you much you loathe America.” All this toxic waste about “oppressed” millionaires. The guy hates our country, calls it a racist hellhole. He’s made millions of dollars doing it. Y’know, resuming an active career in football would probably mean a big pay cut for him.

Hey, NFL! We’re America, and we know the NFL is not our friend!

Go to an NFL game? I won’t even watch it on TV.

9 comments on “NFL Getting Despised Back

  1. Actually, I never did watch football. It is one of the most asinine waste of time activities I ever saw a smidgen of. If I did like the stupid game, I would not watch it any more. Paying people that amount of money to do a thing as stupid as that …

    1. I used to love football, back when they had two leagues, the broadcasts had nothing in them but the game, and they hadn’t yet turned it into a mindless ritual for idiots. Merging the leagues killed competition and free the football powers to concentrate on mining money from the fans. They lost all incentive to try to please the fans; anyone can see they don’t even try. Talk about being taken for granted!

  2. People are tired of the politicization, but some people will never get it. It’s not just sports either. The cultural marxists have their tentacles in everything.

  3. Insult your customers and they will spend their time and money elsewhere. Gillette’s business has tanked since they started using their ads to make social statements. I can live without ‘em, that’s for sure.

    1. You mean, like, the one that showed the proud papa teaching his daughter how to shave, now that she’s “transitioned” into a weird parody of a boy?

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