‘Determining the New Direction of History’

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(This Chalcedon editorial appeared Sept. 7, 2019.)

One of R.J. Rushdoony’s more controversial assertions was that humanism is busy killing itself, and slated for extinction. He then went on to ask what that requires us, as subjects of the Kingdom of God, to do. That question’s still here, right in front of us.


Because they’re running wild, heaping up wealth and power, and generally trashing our whole civilization, it’s easy to wind up thinking Christ’s enemies are winning. But everything they, er, “achieve” hurts them even more than it hurts us. Homosexual parodies of marriage, transgenderism, and, only lately, a dalliance with the prospect of wholesale cannibalism–these are not winning game plans. They think they’re on the path to creating a global government. But all they’re creating is chaos–and in the end, they’ll choke on it.

Yes, they look like Goliath, and they scare us. But remember what happened to Goliath.

6 comments on “‘Determining the New Direction of History’

  1. If they setup a worldwide government with the level of competence common to governments today, they’d fail before they ever got started. That won’t stop them from trying, but they will not succeed.

  2. Karl Marx taught economic determinism, that it is evolutionarily inevitable that godless communism is the final goal of history. The Bible says the opposite, that the knowledge of God will cover the earth as the waters cover the seas. The Gospel message is victorious, not defeatist.

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