‘Fire Chief Fired for Having Christian View on Marriage’ (2015)

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They couldn’t put it out–but who cares, as long as the fire chief supports gay marraige?

If you’re not on board for “gay marriage,” you shouldn’t be allowed to earn a living–right? I mean, this is America, its whole reason for existing is to promote gay-ness…

So the mayor of Atlanta fires the city’s fire chief because the guy publicly asserted (in a book he co-authored) that marriage consists of a man and a woman.


Now it consists of a couple of Buttagigs. A couple of anything. And don’t you dare say it doesn’t, or the Loving Left will sacrifice you to their god, Satan.

Let me say it for the record: “Gay marriage” is a satanic enterprise and a spiritual pollution for which nations that practice it will suffer. It is an evil innovation that has come along only in my own lifetime and which would be horrifying and totally incomprehensible to the human beings inhabiting thousands of years of history.

But if the choice is between a fire chief who can put out fires, and one who can’t, but is on fire for “gay marriage”–well, having your house burn down seems a small enough sacrifice to make, doesn’t it?

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  1. This is horror beyond comprehension. Burning homes to the ground for
    a satanic principle is beyond comprehension. But wait– imagine being in
    a raging fire for eternity. Those who continue to defy God’s laws will do just that.

  2. Unfortunately, they’re doing the same kind of thought policing in the military, which can cause a whole Nation to burn down.

    1. Well naturally that is the dynamic of the politically correct double standard. “It’s our way or the Highway”. Even though such a mentality violates the First Amendment.

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