Are the Colleges Headed for Extinction?

All across America ultra-liberal colleges are collapsing, says Dr. Steven Turley (see video above), a theologian and Christian educator from Delaware.

Two-thirds of America’s colleges and looniversities failed to meet their 2016 enrollment goals. But at the same time, enrollment at conservative Christian schools has increased every year since 2003.

At Hampshire College, Massachusetts, where they burned the American flag to “protest” Donald Trump’s election–they so badly wanted Hillary!–freshman enrollment is down 94% and overall enrollment down by 50%. This year’s freshman class will have only fifteen students in it.

There’s Oberlin College, in Ohio, headed for bankruptcy after a court ordered them to pay $$44 million in damages to a bakery which college officials and activists tried to smear out of existence.

From sea to shining sea, Turley says, leftid colleges are going under, “imploding under the weight of their own hysteria… All we have to do is sit there and watch it happen.” Although some of the decline can be blamed on lower birth rates, especially among secular liberals, Turley says it’s more because of the schools becoming increasingly alienated from America than any other factor. To which we say, ya think?

Having surrendered lock, stock, and barrel to the Far Left Crazy, our colleges and looniversities do our country much more harm than good. They must stop receiving public money! Call on Congress to defund them: if they can’t make it in the free market, by offering a service that people are actually willing to pay for, and competing with each other to keep the costs down–well, then, they have no business making it at all.

What price a degree in Superhero Studies?

5 comments on “Are the Colleges Headed for Extinction?

  1. It’s as if people are creating their own doom. The colleges are so far to the Left that parents with any practical sense would not want their children going there. (Notice that I said practical sense, not to be confused with ideology.) I have watched the same thing happening to some religious groups and expect some bankruptcies in that world fairly soon. Abandon God, and He will leave you to your own devices.

  2. A prophet back in the 1980’s predicted the collapse of Humanism world-wide – his name is R. J. Rushdoony. God has allowed all this AI innovation for the promotion of the Kingdom of God. The sooner Christian leaders figure this out the better. Colleges as we know them today will be obsolete, and newer innovations will reveal the best ways to educate people.

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