God’s Blessing: Nations

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I know I’ve said this before; but in light of President Trump’s speech to the UN earlier this week, it bears saying again.

Our various nations are a blessing to us, a gift of God; and for all the evil that they do, because they consist of fallen, sinful, human beings, they are a protection to us against something so much worse–

World government.

In Genesis 11, the earth has but one language, one government; and its rulers propose to build a tower that will reach to heaven, making them the equal of God. Sound familiar? So God confounds their language and divides them into many different nations, and they spread out over the earth. Their differences and their individual characteristics deepen over the years. By and by, they can’t re-unite to do anything together.

Thank God.

Can you even begin to imagine the mischief a global government would get up to, if it actually existed? They still wouldn’t be gods, but they’d come mighty close to being devils.

President Trump understands that–which is why the globalists so fiercely hate him. He loves his country and thinks people of other countries ought to love their own. Maybe if they loved their countries more, they’d insist on better government. And maybe even get it.

Meanwhile, with “Climate Change” as their ticket to ride, and their excuse for everything, the rule-the-world crowd is pushing its agenda like never before. Like, this is it–if we can’t get it now, we’ll never get it. So push like Hell!

And I do mean “like Hell,” because that’s where this is coming from.

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  1. All you say is true, and unfortunately, as prophecy in the Bible tells us, we will for a brief time actually have an almost one world government under the anti-Messiah until the Lord returns and destroys him and sets us free.

  2. The Earth’s temperature has not changed since 2005, and even that conclusion is suspect because many of the places that are used around the globe to collect data are in metropolitan areas where things such as airplanes, asphalt, new construction, etc. increase the warmth of the city. This is a far cry from mankind warming the whole globe, which common sense tells us is ridiculous and impossible. God can do it with any effort, but man cannot – it is really that simple.

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