‘The Next Phase of History’

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In light of some of the totally daft public policies and cultural spasms we’ve been reading about this week, we might well ask, “What is the next phase of history?”


Mark Rushdoony has a thoughtful essay–and in it, I think, he’s dug his way down to the heart of the matter.

Humanism, now embracing and promoting such total irrationalities as “transgender” and “open borders,” while at the same time proclaiming the imminent end of the world unless we all do exactly as they tell us–humanism has embraced its own destruction.

Because, as Mark says, reality is real and cannot be pushed aside by any amount of wishful thinking.

And it will devour those irrationalities.

What will replace humanism? We pray it will be a new growth in God’s Kingdom on the earth–which we can already see happening in such unlikely places as China and Iran.

I look forward to the day when “gender fluid” will be of interest only to cryptozoologists.

3 comments on “‘The Next Phase of History’

  1. That’s an interesting piece. The growth in places like China and Iran is astounding and heartening. It’s good to know that the News of God’s Kingdom is taking root, even in places where the government is hostile to Christianity.

  2. Mark Rushdoony is the 9th generation of preacher/scholars. I love his optimism. I don’t understand all the doom and gloom coming from Christian believers. I guess it’s because of the Book of Revelation, but if one would read its first chapter they would see the Book was written to the first century believers, not us. When I read Jesus parables of the kingdom of God, I don’t see a bunch of gloom and doom.

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