‘Cause of Death: Politics’ (2013)

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It was six years ago, that I wrote this, and our political class, as crazy as it was, couldn’t begin to compare with what it is today. In only six years they’ve gone from all class warfare to total “transformation” of reality itself.

Cause of Death: Politics

Do you know people who think it’s a punishable crime for anyone to have more money than they do? In 2013 that’s what Jersey Democrats were selling. And the voters were buying it.

Envy, savage envy, as the foundation of civilization–yeah, that’ll work!


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  1. It is not for nothing that envy is one of the deadly sins, probably just after pride. Professor Jordan Peterson describes the mindset of Post Modernists as “resentful” and as you know, resentment is the result of such sins as pride, envy and avarice. Furthermore, you cannot find any common ground with the resentful. Nothing you say or do will placate them. Even our destruction will not do so. They are demonic in that the only thing that gives them any comfort at all is the annihilation of everything and everyone they resent.

  2. True, and the “lawless ones” are demonstrating the necessity for our God
    giving us His Ten Words. Thou shalt not covet, etc.

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