“Putting a Chip in Your Brain Will Not Make You a Superhero (or a god)”

Why do ideas as bad as this sound so smart to some people?

From Marcia Settles’ blog, “A Mom Looking Up” (Finally found the “Reblog” button!)

2 comments on ““Putting a Chip in Your Brain Will Not Make You a Superhero (or a god)”

  1. The idea of putting chips in our head is a pipe dream. It can’t be done: period! For one thing, chips use electricity. For another thing, they make heat and a busy microprocessor can produce a lot of heat. How much? The building I had servers in was heated by the computers within the building. If I came to work and it was a bit frosty, I could turn off the A/C for a few minutes and the building would warm up quickly. We air conditioned 365 days a year and if the A/C went off, the building would get up to 122 degrees in no time. Once it got that hot, devices would shut off of their own, so it rarely got hotter than that.

    No, chips inside your head would literally cook your brain. A chip of any size would kill you in no time, plus how would it be powered?

    They have implanted electrodes to stimulate certain nerves, as part of pain management or some other medical treatment, but we are no closer to being able to interface a chip to a brain than we were at the dawn of time. These are sensationalist stories which are carried in the news.

    I do agree that AI has some inherent dangers. I don’t think it is literally demonic, but I am convinced that many of the leaders in the tech industry have some ethical shortcomings, IMO.

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