My Favret Super Heero!!!

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Yeasterday in Nothing Studies “the” prefesser she assined us To Wreite a Termb Payper on “”Whom is Yore Favret Super Heero?””! It “is” doo by the End of “the” Smester and It whil cownt fore Haff our Grayd!!! But That it is “no” promble Becose she is goingto Give us All A’s annyhow,, it wood Be “a” Micro Grecian iff she gived us anny thing but a A!! She sayed this hear payper it “is” a Extrasize in Crickle Thinkking!!!!

Wel i was reely Stuck! Haow do yiu pick yore Favret Super Heero wen thare “is” so Menny Of “themb” and yiu Lyke themb alll??? SupraMan and BahtMan and Aqwavellva Man to saye Nothing “of” Wolfereen and the Blak Pander and Speiderman!!

Butt finely i desiddid my Favret Super Heero of themb “all” it is Wouldy Wouldpecker!!!!!!

Crimbinols and Climbit Chainge Denyars and Haters thay alll gives up and cry wen “thay” here Wouldy Wouldpecker lauhght!!!! Ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!! Wen thay here that they know thay Are finnish!!

And gee wow!!! I jist reelyzed “that” i can jist hand “in” this hear Post and that “whil” be my Termb Payper and i woont has to doo anny moar Work “on” it!!!!!!!!!!

Man i amb reely Geting “the” Hang of Collidge!!!

6 comments on “My Favret Super Heero!!!

  1. That is hysterical! I always enjoyed imitating the Woody the Woodpecker laugh. “Wouldy?” Yes, he – and they – would, unfortunately! This is why I’m encouraging my adolescent son to go into the trades.

    1. You should hear my wife’s Woody Woodpecker laugh.
      Come to think of it, the person who did the laugh for the cartoon was the wife of Walter Lantz, the creator of Woody Woodpecker.

  2. “Aqwavellva Man” — I love it! Even funnier than the Wouldy Wouldpecker laugh! 🙂 (By the way, how much wood would Wouldy Wouldpecker peck … no, never mind.)

    From what I’ve seen in listserv messages from my old department, “crinkle” thinking is probably the only kind our students are being taught these days … like the crinkling of cellophane, all noise and no thought.

  3. As is so often the case, Joe, you have outdone yourself. This is probably the best term paper you’ve ever written. You’ve found a model for your entire life, just do what Woody would. Woodpeckers generate roughly 1000 Gs when they peck into wood and I can understand why you, Joe, would admire him, because college these days has roughly the same effect on the brain and a load factor of 1,000 Gs.

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