It Must Be Frustrating

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This thought has been bouncing around inside my brain for several days.

Far Left Crazy in America owns the Democrat Party, the teachers’ unions, the colleges and universities, Hollywood, the nooze media–and that’s a lot of important stuff to own. They own it lock, stock, and barrel.

And they use it, every hour of every day, to try to Fundamentally Transform America and win the rest of us over to their pet causes. Open borders. Transgender. Man-Made Climate Change. Hate speech laws. Free college. Free stuff galore. But no more private homes (except for them), no more air travel (except for them),  no more privately-owned cars (except for them), and no more air conditioning (except for them). They think we ought to be in favor of this program; and so they’re at us, night and day, rain or shine, trying to get us to swallow it.

And yet for all that effort, all that passion, they just can’t seal the deal. People who are not Democrat Congressloons, college professors, brainless movie stars, or angry sex-obsessed weirdos simply don’t believe in any of that stuff and just don’t want it. No, sunshine, we don’t believe the world is going to end in 12 years unless we give up all our freedoms and let you rule us. No, we don’t believe it rained on the rocks a zillion years ago and the rocks came alive, doo-dah, doo-dah. We are normal people, and you don’t have a thing to offer us.

Oh, they keep telling us they’re the ones who’re winning, they’re on the right side of history, public opinion is slowly but surely coming over to their side–but they don’t act like they believe it themselves. For instance, they insist the public is now overwhelmingly in favor of “gay marriage.” But do you see them making any attempt to legislate it? Nope–it’s court rulings or nothing. They can’t get public support for any of their wacko schemes; they’ve always got to go running to a court to get their way imposed on us by unelected judges.

This is a presidential election year, and what won’t they do to get some Democrat socialist nut job into the White House? And what will they do if they fail again, and by a much bigger margin than they failed in 2016?

A lot of these leftids are genuinely crazy. This could be a dangerous year.

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5 responses to “It Must Be Frustrating

  • unknowable2

    You’re right. It probably will be a year of strife, sadly, even violence.

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    Very sobering thoughts. The poison pill is in the public education system, and is the most poisonous at the college/university level. We need thousands of Hillsdale-type colleges to spring up all over the land.

  • Laura

    All the liberals are blabbing about how man-made climage change caused the Australia fires … and it’s the fault of the conservative party in Australia (of course). These idiots are staging protests while their country burns.

    Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that more and more ordinary people are being deceived. I’m on a watercolor painting group on facebook, and one of the members posted a painting she had done of her lesbian sister getting ‘married’. There were at least two hundred comments, all of them positive. I’m sure there were some members, like myself, who simply refrained from commenting; and others whose comments were deleted by admin; but that’s a lot of people who thought it was beautiful, saw nothing wrong with it, etc. etc.
    The devil goes forth to deceive the whole world. And if it were possible, even the very elect would be deceived.

    • leeduigon

      A lot of those fires were set on purpose by persons who have been arrested for it.

      It’s amazing how fast people are willing to give up core beliefs. Lesbian “wedding.”

      “What happens if everybody does it?” The human race goes extinct.

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