‘Vintage Fake News: the Ford Pinto Scandal’ (2016)

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Manufactured nooze

A lot of you are too young to remember this–the exploding Ford Pinto scandal of the 1970s. Fake nooze with a capital F.

Vintage Fake News: The Ford Pinto Scandal

The Ford Pinto was supposedly a death-trap: the least little bump, and it would burst into the flames. So said the noozies, and they had the video to prove it.

Eventually it came out that they were faking–planting bombs in the car, drilling holes in the fuel and brake lines, and other little tricks that they never learned in journalism school. To this day I wonder why the whole mob of them weren’t packed off to jail.

Next up: Dan Rather visits Afghanistan–NOT.

9 comments on “‘Vintage Fake News: the Ford Pinto Scandal’ (2016)

  1. I can see why, if people depend on TV news for information, it would be impossible to know any truth. I left them behind a long time ago, but I
    know many people are still following them.

    1. A friend of mine used to work with Dan Rather in New York. He paid the staff to provide him with folksy, down-home expressions. A total phony.

  2. Yeah, I remember when I once believed Cronkite actually reported straight news. I was young and badly informed and Rather was trusted by many people, but eventually, it became clear that the trust was misplaced.

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