My Newswithviews Column,Feb. 6 (‘A Cornucopia of Tyranny’)

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There’s no excuse for not knowing what Democrats have in store for us, if they ever get back in power. They’ve made it quite clear.

A Cornucopia of Tyranny

See, you won’t be allowed to disbelieve in The Climate Crisis, or transgender, or a lot of other things, anymore. At least, you certainly won’t be allowed to say you disbelieve in it.

If liberals ever discover how to get inside your brain and weed out all Bad Thoughts, they’ll do it in a New York minute.

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  1. On “Tucker” last night he exposed a law supported by 40 Dems in the House that pays for all those that have deported to be brought back into the USA at taxpayer expense, and that was one of the least harmful parts of it. Insanity reigns in the Democrat Party.

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