‘So Now I’m “Dangerous”?’ (2016)

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By now I’ve learned that there are a lot of us, right here on this blog, who’ve been banned or suspended from the social media for one stupid “reason” or another. But I’ve never heard of anyone being banned or suspended for spouting Far Left Crazy we-hate-everybody twaddle.

So Now I’m ‘Dangerous’?

And when you get around the media gatekeepers, there are always individual prats who want to shut you down. I heard from one the other day. Because I don’t reserve my vote for The Righteous Candidate who doesn’t exist and never will, she said, I’m just a phony evil fake Christian. Not a real one like Pete “I’ve Got a Husband!” Whatsisname, who ponces around with a Bible while praising abortion to the skies.

So you’re “dangerous” and I’m “dangerous,” and oh! I pray it’s so! I would love to be a genuine danger to the humanist lies and idols of this age!

And I think I’d better use a Happy Puppies picture so I don’t get censored.

6 comments on “‘So Now I’m “Dangerous”?’ (2016)

  1. It’s always dangerous to call it as YOU see it. You’re supposed to call it as THEY see it. See?

  2. You’re definitely dangerous, Lee! You are “the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing.” What is more “dangerous” than that to Satan and those who follow him?

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