A New York Times Hissy Fit

The New York Times Blames Christians for the Wuhan Virus

Not that we actually care what this superannuated travesty of a newspaper says, but I think we need to understand how leftids think, the better to defeat them.

So some Far Left Crazy at the Times has written, “The Religious Right’s Hostility to Science Is Crippling Our Coronavirus Response” (https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/27/opinion/coronavirus-trump-evangelicals.html). Well, gee, almost everything’s closed down, they’re working day and night to find a cure, and they just ponied up $2 trillion to tide us over–does that seem “crippled” to you? Does that really look like the Trump administration is just lah-dee-dahing it?

Yeahbut, yeahbut! The “science denialism”–what?–“of his [Trump’s] ultraconservative religious allies” is holding us back from the triumphs we’d surely have if only there weren’t any Christians in America. Or something. It’s very hard to make out what leftids are trying to say sometimes. But let’s try. Near as I can figure:

Being anti-abortion makes you “anti-science.”

Not believing in Man-Made Climbit Change makes you “anti-science.”

Not buying into Evolution makes you “anti-science.”

Failing to confess the existence of several dozen “genders” makes you “anti-science.”

Not being a hypnotized zombie leftid makes you “anti-science.”

Not taking the New York Times seriously makes you “anti-science.”

And if you didn’t vote for Hillary, you are way “anti-science.” Shame on you.

The White House squirted out of their hands in 2016, they can’t face life without power over other people, and liberals are just plain irrational and nasty in the first place, and puffed up almost to bursting with self-importance.

Don’t try to understand them. Just defeat them.



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  1. The only thing that is crippled is our economy, thanks to flawed coronavirus computer models that were widely off-base and caused everyone to freak out. Never mind that 12,000 died in 2009 from the bird flu in the US and no business was ever shut down. It will take years to recover from this if we ever do.

    1. In the U.S., between April 2009 and April 2010, the CDC estimates there were 60.8 million cases of swine flu, with over 274,000 hospitalizations and nearly 12,500 deaths — that’s a mortality rate of about 0.02%.

      The mortality rate for the novel coronavirus is much higher so far, around 2%, and during the Italian peak, WHO stated it reached 13%.

      H1N1, the swine flu, has been around since the end of WWI, and has been well studied. The SARS-CV2, the corona virus that causes COVID-19, is new and unstudied.

      On of the concerns is that, as was the case in the 1918 “Spanish Flu,” there are two distinct waves of the virus. This present pandemic could level off, even begin its deceleration phase, but reappear in the Autumn. If that were the case, and it followed the way the Spanish flu did, those not a risk now could be at a much higher risk then. At that point, the Millennial who pranced around the beaches of Florida for their sping orgy, would be demanding ventilators come Fall.

      May G-D have mercy upon His children. . .

    2. I think it is highly probable that we’ll see a resurgence of infections in the fall. And thank you for calling the virus by its correct name, SARS-CV2.

    3. Depending on how’s speaking, it’s a tempest in a teapot or the Black Death revisited, or any station in between. My own opinion, in the absence of any sure knowledge of the subject, would be worth nothing. Thanks, media! You’ve sure done a bang-up job of informing us.

    4. Don’t underestimate the American spirit. Just because there is a dearth of it in the MSM doesn’t mean it isn’t alive and well. We elected Trump over Hillary didn’t we?

  2. The pillars of modern science, such men as Newton and Farday, were bible believing Christians. There are many scientists now whom are believers as well. Answers in Genesis has among its staff PHDs in biology and other disciplines. To see Christians as anti-science is simply misguided. I do not believe in evolution and I started out believing in “directed evolution” (God using evolution to create) but it just didn’t hold up.

    Science has had to dream up fictitious dark matter to prop up their cosmology, then they had to dream up dark energy. Both of these are fictitious creations with no direct evidence except that without them, there is no way to explain what they observe. It has become a fairy tale with new characters added late in the game to patch up the continuity of the plot. There is nothing scientific about it.

    1. Read the last chapter of Michael Crichton’s “Lost World.” I have it somewhere in the archives.
      “Science” today isn’t science anymore–just left-wing palaver.

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