Otto Scott, ‘Flu, Etc.’ (1991)

FILE PHOTO - JANUARY 27:  Red Cross volunteers fighting against the spanish flu epidemy in United States in 1918  (Photo by Apic/Getty Images)

1918: Looks familiar, doesn’t it?

Now is as good a time as any to remember the 1918 influenza epidemic–that killed some 20 million people worldwide, including 675,000 in the United States.

Otto Scott wrote this history lesson for Chalcedon in 1991. Since then several flu outbreaks, accounting for tens of thousands of deaths, have come and gone. And here in 2020 we’re stuck in the Great Quarantine.

The most important lesson is, we don’t control our destiny. No matter what The Smartest People In The World say, that’s a sheer delusion. Writes Otto Scott, “It is not our world; we neither own nor control it.”

It’s God’s world, and we’re just here on a short-term lease.

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10 responses to “Otto Scott, ‘Flu, Etc.’ (1991)

  • marlene

    During the Spanish flu they closed churches and left businesses open but staggered their hours to avoid congestion. I’d be interested in hearing opinions about a definitive cause of its spread.

    • leeduigon

      Otto Scott cites a theory that the Spanish flu spread so widely and rapidly due to massive movements on troops on crowded troop ships. That would certainly create ideal conditions for the spread of any disease.

    • Watchman

      I’ve read that it largely due to poor nutrition, bad sanitation, and overcrowded military camps and cities which really caused it to spread. While they were doing some of the things we are doing now, even then it wasn’t universally agreed upon. I found this like tidbit from the British Medical Journal at that time: “every town-dweller who is susceptible must sooner or later contract influenza whatever the public health authorities may do; and that the more schools and public meetings are banned and the general life of the community dislocated the greater will be the unemployment and depression, (12/21/1919)”.

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    China has already gone back to work. They unleash the virus, don’t tell anyone about it, then lie that it isn’t passed on from person to person which is backed up by their dupe at W.H.O., and even Dr. Fauci tells Americans it is no big deal to worry about. This all sounds like biological-warfare to me. We need to reciprocate as a country – don’t buy made in China, and build a news supply chain among our own borders (sorry globalists, you lose.)

  • marlene

    Thanks Lee and Watchman. There are billions more people on earth today than there were then, and we have many fully manned ships where only one or two caught the WuFlu. So I’m still having trouble believing the official narrative of the Spanish flu. Something is missing…

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