Howcom we Hasnt got No Munny???

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This hear it “was” “a” Bad Weak heer at Collidge we was all “Out-Raijed” wen we fownd Out thay “are” goingto Raze Our Tuission lots of dollers!!!!! “It” Is a “goood” Thing i amb lettting themb Shoot “me” Up whith Moth Hoarmoans as a Signtiffic Axpearmint cawse if i didnt Then i wood Has to pay!!! But Evry Boddy Elss “thay” are reely Upset!!!

Meenwile the Unavercity of Minniesoda thay has “a” bujjit of $3.8 Billyin Dollers a yeer and our Collidge Pressadint he says he “is” Ashaymed that Our Collidge bujjit “it” is So Low so alll stoodints nhow thay Has “got to” P:ay moar munny!!! I didnt beleave that $3.8 Billyin Dollers at frist but sumb boddy thay Looked It “Up” on thare Cumpeuter and “it” Is True!!!

I amb reely Canfused!!!! i thawt thay was goingto has Freee Collidge Eddicasion foar evry boddy,, thats Waht Burny Sandders he was Saying, evry boddy thay wil Go “to” Collidge foar Freee!!! Waht hapened??? Whare didd “that” Idear go??? Nhow we goingto Be paying Moar wen it was saposed To Be freee!!!

Sumb Boddy thay sayed it “is” becose Of “the” Corny Vyris-,-well i dont Beleave It!!!!!! i bet Anny Thing it “is” becose of Donold Trumpt he is Aunty-Syance!!!!

We neeed a Amergincy Meating “of” the Stoodint Soviet to deside wahtt To Do aboat This hear disasster!!!!!!!!!!

5 comments on “Howcom we Hasnt got No Munny???

  1. Our University of Arkansas at Fort Smith has said they will not increase tuition in the Fall. How is it the Ivy League Schools have these enormous endowment accounts and yet receive tax-payer money? We need to clone Donald Trump so he can attack all these Deep State shenanigans at once. And how do polls show Joe Biden neck and neck with Trump when the guy cannot even string two coherent sentences together?

    1. Someone who can’t string two coherent sentences together is just what the Democrat Party handlers want, i.e., someone easily controllable. I’m surprised that they haven’t turned to Joe Collidge as their number one nominee. Oh, uh, well, maybe they have, in a way. There are definitely similarities. 🙂

  2. Joe’s lament is exactly what will happen if the Socialists ever get their way. No incentive will lead directly to shortages of all sorts and the law of supply and demand will take it from their.

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