Have We Learned Anything at All?

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One of my greatest fears concerning the coronavirus crisis is that we, as a nation, won’t learn a blessed thing from the experience. I fear we’ll return to our follies, picking up right where we left off. God forbid.

Are we so stupid, so wooden-headed, as to go straight back to globalism, out-sourcing our manufacturing, trusting China, trusting the United Nations, and here at home inventing new “genders,” hyper-urbanization (a la Agenda 21), Drag Queen Story Hour, playing footsie with socialism, and pushing such wicked, republic-destroying follies as vote-by-mail, prosecuting Climate Change denial, and allowing the Deep State to run amok? I might say more, but this list is long enough already.

Have we missed the point of so many gaudy displays of tyrannical overreach by mayors and governors and city councils, have we failed to understand that now that they’ve had a taste of it, they’ll be hungry for more? They keep talking about “a new normal.” God defend us from whatever they conceive as “normal”!

I pray in Jesus’ name that America–and other countries, too–will come out of this trial better and wiser than we were, going in. Amen.

6 comments on “Have We Learned Anything at All?

  1. I would love to believe we would learn our lesson, but in reading Scripture, I don’t see it happening. In fact, “…in the last days the love of many will grow cold… and “the great falling away” seems to be what we have to look forward to, said to say.

  2. The constant drumbeat of the mainstream media gets into the national psyche like an earworm. Even those of us who try to oppose it often find ourselves using the terminology they want us to use. And of course some people don’t even know there are other sources of information because no one has ever told them about those sources. No one can search for a thing he doesn’t know exists. Or pay attention to something he’s been told over and over is stupid or evil and not worth bothering about. I was a leftist myself well into my 30s because I’d never heard the case for anything else.

    I pray for our nation every day. I especially repeat over and over the verse from Psalm 80: “God of Hosts, bring us back. Let your face shine and we shall be saved.”

  3. I could be wrong but I think we will see a huge political shakeup come next election because of the things these wannabe despot governors and mayors have done. They may want some new normal, but most of us do not. They have forgotten who has voted them into office and who can vote them out.

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