‘I has A Brillent Idear!’ (2016)

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By popular demand–Joe Collidge’s best idea ever.

I has A Brillent Idear!

It takes years and years to turn an idiot into an idiot who talks like an intellectual; but never let it be said our institutes of Higher Education aren’t up to the challenge. As you read Joe’s careful presentation, you’ll marvel at the actual results of umpteen years in college.

Go ahead. Open the link. Read Joe’s essay. I triple-dog dare you.


7 comments on “‘I has A Brillent Idear!’ (2016)

  1. That was indeed a brillent Idear of Joe’s. But what if the equally brilliant administrators of Joe’s collidge decide that they can fit more semesters into the longer year so that students wind up paying twice as much in tuition and fees? That’s a rhetorical question, of course. What will happen is that the students will riot and the administration will back down — and keep the same number of semesters but charge by the clock hour instead of by the credit hour. (Gee, what a genius I am! I should have been a college administrator instead of a lowly professor.)

    1. Am I getting this? 1) Two years are now counted as one year. 2) That means they can fit four semesters into one “year” instead of just two, doubling the amount of tuition they can collect each “year.”

      Okay, got it! That would surely work.

    2. It certainly works if students are still required to attend collidge for four years in order to graduate.

  2. At some core level, Joe is brilliant. It’s just that the system has educated any native intelligence right out of him. I’m all for Joe’s plan, except that I’d end up in a much higher tax bracket. 🙂

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