Firefox is Nagging Me

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All I wanted to do was post a picture. But I had to pass through the Firefox search page on the way; and they had this little message waiting for me.

“Educating ourselves is how we can begin dismantling systemic racism.”

This is supposed to make me feel guilty. I don’t know about you, but getting nagged, yelled at, called names, and blamed for things I didn’t do does not make me feel guilty. It only makes me mad.

They can take their “systemic racism” and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

7 comments on “Firefox is Nagging Me

  1. Black people I highly respect like Larry Elder say systemic racism is a big fat lie. He asks, when all the statues are torn down will blacks be any better off? He councils blacks to read books and develop their human capital instead of playing the victim.

  2. That is good advice. The black people who are willing to get out and work, think logically and very normal, fitting into society as well as any other people. There are whiners who are white, too, and none of these are admirable.

  3. I especially hate when the nagging begins with a begged question or a straw man argument. Telling people HOW to end “systemic racism” assumes that there is such a thing in the first place (i.e., begs the question), and nagging a customer into doing something about it assumes the customer is part of it (i.e., straw man argument).

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