The Mongolian Death Worm

All I wanted to do was add another post–and WordPress torpedoed me. Suddenly the whole format has been changed. I don’t know what I’m looking at. I have no idea why they do this to their users., I can’t start a new paragraph, and now I can’t see what I’m writing!

I just found the paragraph.

When Roy Chapman Andrews was organizing his 1926 Gobi Desert expedition, to search for fossils, Mongolian authorities asked him to keep an eye out for a kind of “death worm” inhabiting the desert: two feet long, looks like a sausage, and just to touch it causes instant death. How he was supposed to collect a specimen was not explained.

Several expeditions since then have tried, but no one has yet found any trace of the death worm.

I think it has moved to WordPress and is feeding on the brains of defenseless users. Like me.

I have no idea whether I’ll be able to post this. Here goes nothin’.


12 comments on “The Mongolian Death Worm

  1. Lee, your comment about collecting a specimen reminds me of the old conundrum about finding a container to hold the universal solvent. 🙂

  2. I get such a kick out of all you people with your clever and unusual comments. As for the picture above… not so much. Can’t say it isn’t unusual, though.

    1. I think that the mask business is reaching its limit. I went to the grocery store the other day and, in spite of signs at the front door insisting that customers wear masks, hardly anyone did. Staff infections from masks are becoming a problem and spending significant time wearing a mask may cause other respiratory problems, including serious pulmonary infections. The laughable mainstream press is suppressing such information, but they no longer control the flow of information.

      A salon owner in California released footage of Nancy Pelosi in her beauty shop, without a mask. The facade had only hold up for so long and I think we have reached the limit. There are still believers, whom refuse to abandon the liberal fantasy, but I suspect that their numbers are quietly shrinking.

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