‘Warning! Disgusting Content’ (2016)

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The Lord of the Flies would like us all to eat like flies.

Very little time can go by without leftids and “Science” trying to talk us into eating bugs. Here’s a Save The Planet mob from Scandinavia who say humans ought to eat feces, too. $45,000 prize to anyone who’s ever seen them following their own advice. (“I’ll have the **** platter, please.” “You want flies with that?”)

Warning! Disgusting Content

I suppose we should be thankful that they haven’t thought of making it a Mandate yet. All you little peasants, attention! By order of the governor, you are to eat insects, garbage, and poop! Violators will be shot!

You can’t tell me leftism isn’t satanic.

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  1. For people who don’t believe in the supernatural, the Left is sure good at emulating everything Satan would do.

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