How Far Will They Go to Crush Us?

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Is the White Witch going to win after all?

Britain’s police chief has warned that police will enter homes to break up Christmas gatherings: “If we think there’s large groups of people gathering where they shouldn’t be, then police will have to intervene” (

And Scotland has a bill in the legislature to impose “hate speech” rules on private conversations over the dinner table.

We have never been closer to losing all our freedoms than we are today.

This is happening all over the world, and every national leader whose name is not Donald Trump shows no interest at all in protecting personal liberty and normal life.

They’re treating COVID-19 as if it were the deadliest disease the world has ever known–which it most certainly is not–and using it as an excuse–along with imaginary Climate Change–to impose one restriction after another. All for our own good, of course. Because we don’t know what that is, and they do.

The police chief, a Mr. Jamieson, has warned that heavy-handed restrictions could lead to riots (but that’s okay: we all know King Virus leaves you alone if you’re in a mob rioting for whatever). “We are sitting on a time bomb of unrest,” says he. For some reason he thinks people might run out of patience, getting treated as mere livestock by their government. But “rules” are rules, he said, the police will have no choice but to “investigate Christmas gatherings.”

And so C.S. Lewis’ nightmare of “always winter but never Christmas,” described in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, shows signs of becoming literally true.

How far will we let this go? How much more will we take?

Globalists, you’re playing with fire. And I don’t think you know it.

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  1. We’re apparently returning to the days of the earliest martyrs, when the Roman vigiles would break into Christian gatherings and arrest everyone there. Those early martyrs, too, were considered dangers to the State. The question is whether our own church leaders will give strength, courage, and good example to today’s martyrs the way the original ones did to theirs. Somehow I’m not very optimistic.

  2. America’s GDP this last quarter was 33.1% – unbelievably great!! Did other countries in the world have the same results – NO, and this is why with Trump at the helm America will prosper as never before similar to after WWII. Let not your heart be troubled.

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