‘The Grandmommy of All Fake News’ (2016)

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It is said that sheer overconfidence, which produced carelessness, cost Democrats the 2016 election.

How overconfident were they?

The Grandmommy of All ‘Fake News’

Okay, it was fun watching Newsweak frantically trying to distance itself from its own cover.

This year, though, they did away with overconfidence and pulled out every dirty trick, every cheat, every lie, and every payoff in the book–and stole the 2020 presidential election. Stole the White House from the American people, with fake votes and fake news. Now we have this senile guy out there claiming to be president-elect.

Imagine how Hillary feels. “This doddering doofus won, and I lost???” Betcha that keeps her awake at night.


10 comments on “‘The Grandmommy of All Fake News’ (2016)

  1. He hasn’t won yet! Take heart! Trump seems to have some top tier lawyers working on this stuff.
    It seems this time, the Democrats got scared and sloppy, and that might be their ultimate downfall.
    Trump hasn’t conceded and he could still win, God willing.

  2. Did you ever see the FB photo from Hillary in October 2016 for her birthday in which she loaded a picture of herself on her own FB page and said happy birthday to the next president? Its hilarious

    1. Was that the one with a picture of her as a girl, which said “Happy birthday to this future president”?
      Imagine her frustration. “This senile old crock won, and I lost???”

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