‘Dems Plan to Sabotage Trump’s Presidency (2016)

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And here are Democrats again in all their Election-Denying glory, vintage 2016. You know–Election Denial–which is A Threat To Our Democracy if we question the result of any election, but perfectly A-OK when they do it. Which they do every time they lose.

Dems’ Plan to Sabotage Trump’s Presidency

Election Day’s tomorrow. Just about everybody expects the Dems to get scalded. They have richly deserved it. We can’t take another two years of their malice, their lies, their sheer incompetence, their crimes, and perversion.

But you know they’re cheating. Will they be able to cheat their way to victory?

God help us.

P.S.–I hope the record clearly shows that for Democrats to accuse anyone of “Election Denial” is truly deep hypocrisy.

‘SF Teachers: Teach the Kiddies That Hillary Won’ (2016)

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Back when you were in school, did any of your teachers ever “teach” you anything that they knew to be false? Well, okay, as a kid you wouldn’t have caught them at it. But I have met teachers who admit to teaching falsehoods. “If it makes the kids feel better about themselves,” they add.

And here are the unionized teachers in San Francisco in 2016, trying to “teach” children that Hillary Clinton was president: “Don’t teach them that we LOST,” says the teachers’ guide. Waddaya mean, “we”?

SF Teachers: Teach the Kiddies That Hillary Won

So, for those afflicted with amnesia, Donald Trump did not invent refusing to accept election results. In fact, Democrats NEVER accept it when they lose.

Well, this is what you get when you mix Far Left politics with leftist wacko public schools.

But get rid of the schools, and the Far Left Crazy dies.

‘Why Are Liberals Not Happy?’ (2016)

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The funny thing about this is, I wrote it less than a month before the 2016 elections. *Batteries Not Included was still; president of a country he hates and wants to “transform,” and all the nooze media and all the polls told us Hillary Clinton had a better than 90% chance to be our next president.

And yet the libs weren’t happy!

Why Are Liberals Not Happy?

Hoom-hom… Well, we saw how unhappy they were after that election!

Now they’ve stolen the country right out from under us, and they’re still miserable. There’s just no pleasing them.

And we’d be insane to try.

‘Texas: Machines Flip Trump Votes to Clinton’ (2016)

All that cheating, and she still lost.

Last year’s presidential election does not stand alone in its corruption. The one four years before it was pretty dirty, too.

And we had a hoo-hah over the voting machines! We had four years to get that problem fixed; and we didn’t.

Texas: Machines Flip Trump Votes to Clinton

“Election officials” (LOL) attributed the complaints to “voter error,” nothin’ wrong here, toldja we shouldn’t let those peasants vote. They only screw it up!

Even with all that cheating, Hillary Clinton lost. Lost big. They really should have tried to find someone a little less odious.

Meanwhile, if we don’t fix the corruption that’s set into our electoral process, 2022 will be another travesty.

‘The Grandmommy of All Fake News’ (2016)

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It is said that sheer overconfidence, which produced carelessness, cost Democrats the 2016 election.

How overconfident were they?

The Grandmommy of All ‘Fake News’

Okay, it was fun watching Newsweak frantically trying to distance itself from its own cover.

This year, though, they did away with overconfidence and pulled out every dirty trick, every cheat, every lie, and every payoff in the book–and stole the 2020 presidential election. Stole the White House from the American people, with fake votes and fake news. Now we have this senile guy out there claiming to be president-elect.

Imagine how Hillary feels. “This doddering doofus won, and I lost???” Betcha that keeps her awake at night.


‘Hillary Warns: No Criticism Allowed’ (2015)

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Let’s look back a mere three years, shall we?

Hillary Clinton, running for president, makes it crystal clear, what kind of tinpot tyrant she intends to be:


Could we all wake up, please, and try to appreciate what a bullet–no, what a cannonball!–we dodged in that 2016 election? We should all get down on our knees every day and thank God for sparing us that Clinton presidency. And then get up and resolve to go to the polls next month and make sure her Democrat Party loses again.

There’s life in this old serpent yet, and she will bite us if she can.