The Real World War III

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Y’know what? World War III is not going to be a shooting war. They’re not going to be slinging around a lot of missiles with nuclear warheads. Armies won’t march unless they really have to.

And this world war has already started. Not just here in North America, but all over Europe and elsewhere in the world.

On one side is, for want of a better term, the Global Elite. Their objective is a global government with themselves in charge. They’ll settle for an intermediate stage of more repressive governments everywhere on earth, with “free” countries being turned into facsimiles of communist China. As long as they get to take our money and restrict our freedoms, they’ll feel they’re making progress.

Opposed to the Global Elite are the by and large undefended populations of the nations, powerful only in their numbers, which are difficult to organize effectively, and with relatively few leaders–including the most effective leader, President Donald Trump. That’s what has made him the Global Elite’s number one target.

It is a dynamic of history that there is always some fool, or group of fools, or international class of fools, who wants to take over the world. Again and again they tried military force; again and again it failed, even when it seemed highly successful at the start. So today the reliance is not on fleets and armies, but upon seduction… and lies… and fear-mongering… and misdirection. They don’t expect to beat us down; they want to suck us down. Like quicksand in a movie.

Climate Change, Systemic Racism, and now COVID-19–these have replaced outright conquest. With these the enemy hopes to have us at each other’s throats. With these they hope to confine us to our houses–if we’re still allowed to have houses. With these they hope to restrict our movement, limit our gatherings, and stifle our speech.

They mean to enslave us, and they will spend trillions of dollars to do it. If they can do it with tax dollars that we worked for and they took from us, that will only add zest to the jest.

Trust in God and resist them to the uttermost. They’ve had no end of fun with our presidential election. Pray the Lord to cut them down.


13 comments on “The Real World War III

  1. I believe it was Jeffrey Sachs at the last Sustainable Development meeting at Davos who said that the USA was the biggest danger to the global Great Reset, and that Donald Trump was “absolutely dangerous.”

    And why did I suddenly have an echo flash through my mind of “Horatius at the Bridge”? As I recall from the poem — and heaven forfend that I should look it up before writing this, she notes wryly — Horatius only seemed to have died in holding the bridge against the Etruscans until the Romans could cut the bridge down, so maybe Donald at the bridge will survive the election chicanery as well. But even if not, I do think he should be celebrated as a hero.

    1. God has His own great reset coming and it’s going to supersede the enemy’s enemies plans for a global reset.

  2. I am waiting on the Lord to do a miracle and save us from the Left’s takeover of our gov’t. Our God did a miracle in Trump being elected the first time, and now even a greater miracle is needed for him to win the second time. Trump won fair and square but the enemy is working overtime to steal it away. Christians need to stay at their posts and intercede and pray without ceasing. Remember Elijah? He had to keep praying before the rains came, and then they came right in God’s perfect timing.

    1. I agree whiterabbit. God wouldn’t have done that miracle in 2016 just so it could all be undone by the enemy. I don’t believe God is done with Trump or America and he’s not going to let them sidetrack His plans through theft and deceit. He’s just not going to allow that to happen. But it’s just going to make this win all that more amazing.

  3. This is what makes this election so important and unlike any other election in US history. With every election people will say it’s the most important election of their lifetime, but this really is the most important of our lifetime. And I’m not sure everyone understands the gravity of the situation. The global elite believes their endgame is within reach. America was the last thing standing in their way, and specifically Trump. If Biden gets in he’s going to open the door for the globalist to seize complete control. If that happens there is no going back. They will never allow another fair election ever again. This is even bigger than the United States, because as the United States goes so goes the rest of the world.

    So this is why we must take our stand now. This is our do or die moment. Only God can save us and I believe He will. Our job, as Whiterabbit said, is to intercede without ceasing. I’ve made it my mission to pray every night for this election and the president, something I never used to do. And I know that I know that I know that we will win. It may be a bumpy ride in the process, but the faithful remnant is being refined in the process. And the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph will be.

    1. If they can successfully manipulate and control elections whenever they please, they won’t need a visible world government; they’ll have a de facto one. I think that’s what they were aiming for.

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