A Quick Question!

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I don’t know that anyone has ever asked this question, let alone answered it:

How does Superman get a haircut?

I mean, he’s invulnerable, right? Indestructible. Bullets bounce off him like spitballs. So isn’t his hair like the rest of him? If you could cut his hair, wouldn’t you be able to cut him?

By now he ought to look like Cousin Itt from The Addams Family.

And how would he cut his toenails and fingernails? The scissors or nail clippers would just break–right?

Someone ought to have thought these things through.

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  1. Well you know Lee, he isn’t human but from the planet Krypton. So I guess the writer figure people from that planet’s hair and cuticles don’t grow beyond the prescribed, normal length of 1940s style. I’m sure the editor asked the same question at some point and the writer probably gave him a similar answer

  2. Actually, I always used to wonder how he (shall we say?) relieved himself in that outfit, especially since he wore it under his Clark Kent suit. There don’t seem to be any zippers, buttons, laces, or any other way of (shall we say again?) gaining access — once again especially when he has a full suit of Clark Kent clothes over everything.

    And no, I don’t believe Velcro had been invented at the time the comic books started being published.

    Here’s another question: Does he sleep in his full Superman outfit, or does he take it off at night? Ditto for bathing.

    1. Y’know, I always took it for granted that Ma and Pa Kent fashioned Superman’s Superboy costume from materials that came with him from the Planet Krypton, in that little spaceship that he had. But where did he find the material for his adult costume? Given the kind of work he did, there must’ve been tons of wear and tear on any clothes he was wearing. I wonder: did he ever take his Superman suit to the laundry?

    2. It was made from Super material and stretched to size. However, it chafed like all hell. Superman wasn’t really about fighting crime. He was ticked off by the chafing and pounded on criminals to relieve his frustration. Because they were criminals, no one ever objected. 🙂

  3. On the 90’s “Lois and Clark” TV series, Clark shaved his beard by bouncing off “laser” beams from his eyes onto a mirror, towards his face, thereby cutting the whiskers from his skin. He did the same once to cut a lock of his hair.

  4. You know, Lee, I thought a similar thought about haircuts and fingernails but never voiced the question to my friends or to my dad. But I remember wondering about it.

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