Souper Man he Is Woke!!!!

I Wanted to Be Superman. I Failed. | Psychology Today Ireland

We hadded a spacial lexture in Nothing Studies this moaning it “was” All Abuot Souper Hearose exspatially Souper Man!!! I seen a Souper Man Moovy oncet but “I” “nevver” readed the boocks be Couse thare whas “tooo menny” Big Wurds in themb!!

So too-day “we” lurnt All Abuot Souper Man and hiss gurlfrend Lowest Lain,, and haow “he” “Puts” clotheses on sow he “canbe” Kunta Kinte i think thats “The” nayme!! He “and” Lowest thay Are boath Nooze Repotters!!!!

Souper Man he flyes al Aruoand the sitty so “he Can” Bust crimbinnles for Climbit Chainge DeNile, Miss Jendering, In Come Innyquailitty, Trans Fobbier, And SISTEMBIC RACISM (that Is “the” Big One!!)!!

Somb tyimes “he” “gets” Help fromb Utther Souper Hearose like Batt Man, Spyder Man, and Black Lies Mater!!! Oncet thay All whurked Toogetthar to Bust a “Churtch” ware the Minnistor he woodnt do Gay Marridge!!!! The Souper Hearose thay “had” “To” “Fihght” thare whay past Three Olled Laydys whoo was puting Flours in the Churtch Whindose!!!!

Fromb nhaow Onn, himb and Lowest Lain thay are goingto Fihght Wyte Privlidge and Trans Fobbier Et.c.!!

And I amb hapy thay “are” goingto Taik “a lot” Of themb Big Whurds ouat “Of” the Commick Boocks so i Can reed themb!!!!!!!

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  1. Uh-oh, how is Souper Man going to battle white privilege while he’s white? By hanging a nugget of kryptonite around his neck? 🙂

  2. Man, I never realized just what Superman was all about, but now I get it. He was so rad’! We all kneed to bee woke just like hymn and (WTH has happened to my ability to spell?) and too fite for woke causeways. I’ve done it wrong for so long that I’m a-maize-d that Superman hasn’t not broke thru the sealing and beaten me up. Eye deserve it, at least ten thymes.

    1. I drove pass-d a collidge once. It wUz wondirfull with all of them stew-dents protesting because they had new cars their daddy had bought and they lived in dorms and had orgies all The thyme.

    2. I thought that drived was footure tents. Like; next week, I am going too drived over to my friendz house. In the passed tents, the best Grammer would be “was drived in days of future passed”. And yiu edditteded a noozepaiper? 🙂

    3. Hay, hwat is it wit youse guys to talking about Grammer? Tents shments. Big shots wise guys wit fansy talking from skhool. Pfui. We is all to talking like we wants to talk.

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