Do We Let the Fear Destroy Us?

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I was talking with a small business owner yesterday, who was sick at heart over the perversion and corruption of our national election, but couldn’t think of anything to be done about it.

Because, he said, to invalidate it, to overturn it, would unleash riots.

Well, yes, naturally he’s afraid. They might burn down his store. With him in it, maybe. But where does that lead us? To this: Whoever can stage the biggest and most violent riots owns the country.

That’s no future.

We are perilously close to losing our republic, losing our freedom, losing all our rights–because if you can steal elections, if you can dictate the outcome before the votes are cast, then you never have to worry about being voted out of office and you can do anything you please. You have a government based on a manufactured consent of the governed, and an end to accountability.

Are we willing to pay that price, in hopes that the rioters will leave us alone until the next time they take to the streets?

Uh… How about we send in a whole bunch of paddy wagons and scoop up the rioters and take them out of circulation for a good long time? How about we meet their lawless violence with the full force of the law?

We’ll soon see just who our leaders are more afraid of–rioters or citizens.

5 comments on “Do We Let the Fear Destroy Us?

  1. We are being called to heroism to save freedom in our nation. It’s not only threats of rioters, but also of thugs threatening to destroy homes and lives of people, and their families, who take lawful action to rectify the injustices of the elections.

  2. One thing about this, that apparently has escaped the notice of politicians whom choose to look the other way and may even encourage rioting, is that they may not be able to turn this off, if they assume power. If you wink at unlawful behavior, one thing is certain, you will get more unlawful behavior. At some point, there will have to e a crackdown, no matter who is in power. The actions of the Dems have not been well thought through.

    1. To say nothing of all the convicted criminals they’ve let out of jail–don’t hold your breath waiting for them to come back.

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