We Has Co-Vid cake!!!

How to Avoid 7 Common Cake Mistakes

Well Ha Ha Ha!!! Whoo sayed Collidge it is “Usetliss”?”

Wile evry boddy Ells thay “are” wurryed Abuot ketching Co-Vid and get sick “And” dye,, heer “At” Collidge we are Toatilly Protecktid becose we has Co-Vid Cake!!!!

This heer “Caik” it wus infentid By twoo “Of” the commasars on our Stoodint Soviet and it “Is” a jenyuwine Woke Caik and eeting it maiks yiu a Troo Socile Jutstus Wirer!!!!!! It aslo meens yiu Cant ketch Co-Vid!!!! How Grate is that???

I amb not Shur waht “The” In-Greejints are but i know “thare” “is” a Ressapee in It somwear and aslo Spacial Woke Herbs and flower razed by Jenyuwine Thurd Wurld Pessants and you know It “is” reely woke becose “It” taists Horrabble!!!! That is how yiu Know “it” Whurks!!!! Some Hater Biggit he tryed it “and” he sayed it taistid Lyke Cat Hairs and thare is Probbly Cat Hairs in it so we beet himb Up!!!!!

Annyhow Nhow that we has eetin The Caik we “can” Has moar Riots and Protists and knot has to wurry Abuot ketching Co-Vid,, “the” ownly thing we has got to Wurry abuot is what to Protist!!! I amb a littel wurryed abuot Hair Balls tooo^ i rember my Muthers Cat he yused to get Hair Balls and it was Verry Dis-Gusting!!!!! i hoap i doughnt get no Hair Balls,, i had a lot of Caik and i doughnt feeel So goood!!!!!!

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  1. Now, now, boys. Joe raises a very serious question here, i.e., what happens when you run out of things to protest? I suppose you could protest being deprived of things to protest, but I’m not sure how much oomph you could get into the slogans about it.

    Joe, if you’re going to get rid of the hairball, please try to do it on the hardwood or tile, not on the carpet. Poor downtrodden janitors will thank you.

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