Another Lib Governor Pops Her Cork

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There are still well-meaning people who think that if only we could have a meaningful dialogue with leftids, we’d come to appreciate each other’s humanity and find ways to resolve our differences. And then we could all go feed the unicorns.

How, for instance, are you supposed to have a meaningful dialogue with the Democrat governor of Oregon, Kate Brown? Appearing recently on some goofy cable TV show–“Democracy Now,” good grief–this Far Left jidrool vowed to “use law enforcement [before or after defunding the police?] to eradicate” President Donald Trump’s “forces” (

She described the perpetual Portland riots as “peaceful protests”–honest, it only hurts when I laugh–and at the same time blamed President Trump and evil “federal officials” for the whole business. Meanwhile, a lot of the rest of the country wondered why the president didn’t intervene to stop the riots. But the governor wants it both ways.

What exactly did she mean by “eradicate”? Make it against the law to have voted for Donald Trump? That would be an ex post facto law, explicitly forbidden by the Constitution–but how many Democrats–or college graduates–would know that? Or care?

She likes Antifa, though. Gotta give her that.

So let’s have a good old-fashioned chin-wag, Ms. Governor. How much time do we have before you call in your goon squad to eradicate me?

What has gone wrong with our civics, that we wound up having people like this holding office in America?

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