An Experiment: My Own TV Listings

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I’m still intrigued by yesterday’s post about TV listings. I mean, could I do that–summarize the content of a show in less than 20 words? Well, the only way to find out is to try.

Let me imagine myself sometime back in the early 1960s, reading the listings of some TV shows invented for the purpose at hand. Let me try now.

Blithering Smith World’s dumbest railroad detective finds someone even dumber. Guest spot by Twiggy as a talking sapling.

Movie “I’ve Got Hives” (1951) Itchy case of hives spawns new dance craze! Prof. Bunion: Leo Gorcy. Violet Crepuscular: Brigitte Bardot. [Oops! One word too long!]

“Pull, You Broken-Down Wretches!” The art of plowing with reluctant mules. Host: Charles DeGaulle.

I’ve Got a Goiter (Game Show). Live from Indecent Exposure, Missouri. Guest Host: Taduszjwier Gzjsweiner.

Gastro Boy (Cartoon Series) Dr. Fap programs the robot to eat bugs, with unforeseen results.

Whew! I’m getting a hot head doing this, I’d better stop for a while. I had no idea it was so hard!

4 comments on “An Experiment: My Own TV Listings

  1. I love these! They need to be part of a new series, like the False Facts series.

    But somehow I can imagine Violet Crepuscular being played by Brigitte Bardot. Maybe Zasu Pitts instead?

    1. Oops, after I posted that I realized that Zasu Pitts would have been too old in 1951. Violet Crepuscular would have been insulted. Sorry.

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