Brooklyn Woman Snaps, Wrecks Cars


Why in the world did this happen?

Friday night in Brooklyn, a 21-year-old woman stole a mail truck and purposely crashed it into “at least ten” parked cars before she was captured by police ( We haven’t been told who she is or why she did this. One of the parked cars she rammed was a police car. She carried out her thrill ride for seven blocks before the truck conked out. They caught her as she tried to run away.

No, our culture is not at all right.

Every day we hear reports of crazy incidents like this. What’s going on here?

But I suppose that in a country where you can steal a national election and get away with it, nothing’s off the table.

Kill the culture, and it’ll kill you back.

3 comments on “Brooklyn Woman Snaps, Wrecks Cars

  1. Maybe she spotted some more cartons of ballots for Biden on the truck and was in such a hurry to deliver them that she lost control of the truck?

    Hmmm. “Ballots for Biden” would be a good title for a musical comedy, wouldn’t it? Or maybe a musical tragedy?

  2. Yeh, it is hard to say. I just keep recalling how so many people criticized Trump for his “coarse, undignified
    ways of speaking”. And, yes, he could be a bit crude at times, but now look what we have. Biden uses swear and curse words on camera,, speaks like a half drunk dummy, etc. Not saying smooth talking is a mark of efficiency or wisdom, but come on…

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