‘Babbling About Babel’ (2018)

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Even a fool, King Solomon said, might pass for wise, if he can only keep his mouth shut.

But what we have here is a whole posse of fools displaying their ignorance not just by prattling away about things they know nothing about, but going on to make a documentary about it.

Babbling about Babel

It’s astounding that so many people could be so wrong, all at once. What if someone assembled a whole production company to make a documentary about Abraham Lincoln leading America through World War II? Heaven knows what these films cost.

Well, our apparent ignorance of the Bible does go far to explain the way our country has wound up.

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  1. I love movies about historical events but never expect them to be that accurate. I watched “For Greater Glory” recently about how President Calles of Mexico began to enforce provisions in the Constitution that religious freedom was forbidden (at least they had it in their Constitution). But the provision had not been enforced until Calles wanted to perfect the secular state. In response to the killing of priests, the Cristero War began which culminated after much bloodshed in the bells of the churches once again being allowed to ring. This is a great movie to watch today as the Communists in power in America move to take away our freedom of religion.

  2. In an amazing coincidence, I saw this very “documentary’ just let night. I was outraged at the inaccuracy and stupidity of it all. I have seen other documentaries on the subject of Babel and some of these are much more credible. The most likely candidate is a site named Eridu, and there are remains there of the foundation to a truly immense structure. Beyond that, the details are pretty up up for speculation, and there’s no shortage of that.

    I love Bible archaeology and it’s faith strengthening to learn that such discoveries have happened. One of the biggest is that King David’s name has been found on an ancient object, providing material proof which ties David to the ancient City of David. Of course, my faith in scripture is not reliant upon archaeological evidence, but the added impact of that evidence is a blessing.

    Going back to the ridiculous “documentary” which conflates Babel with Babylon and credits Nebuchadnezzar with completing the Tower of Babel. Even more ridiculous, according to this video, God was angered because of the height of the tower and then destroyed the completed tower with wind. I guess that their research didn’t get as far as reading the biblical account for themselves. Besides that, a wind adequate to knock down a ziggurat would be some wind. They didn’t seem to take note of the fact that building Babel went directly against God’s command to fill the entire earth, and that was what displeased Him.

    In any event, I won’t be watching that video again. If I want fiction, I’ll look in the fiction section, and not the documentary section. Many of these people don’t really believe in the Bible anyhow, and are just trying to make a buck off of people that take God’s word seriously.

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