My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 18 (‘Hungary, 1956: Freedom or Death’)

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Spitting on Stalin: Hungary, 1956

All over the world, people have risked death, exposed themselves to danger and to hardship–to be free. Most of them wanted to be free from so-called “socialist” governments. No one talks about the Iron Curtain anymore, but in 1956 it was a real thing. And the people of Hungary put their lives on the line to get rid of it. But the Soviet Union intervened to crush them.

Hungary, 1956: Freedom or Death

A few years later it was refugees from Cuba, risking their lives to escape from communism and come to America. Because freedom is that much better than socialism! And worth risking everything, to get it.

What would those people make of us today, passionately flirting with socialism, shrugging our shoulders as the whole Democrat Party cruises down the Far Left speedway, on fire to “fundamentally transform” our country into a Third World hell-hole?

And once they do it to us, there’ll no noplace left to go.

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  1. The “long march through the institutions” (cf. Gramschi) has now deprived at least two generations of any historical knowledge whatsoever. This leaves the most recent generation with no connection at all to a reference point in the past, even their three-generations-back grandparents having had only a tenuous idea of what was going on in their own youth. In addition, these recent generations have been not only propagandized about socialism but trained to reject and despise logic and claims about objective reality. So it’s impossible to change their minds — or, I should say, their feelings, since they’ve been trained to reject thinking.

    Your concluding sentence here is the truly chilling part. Where now can anyone flee?

  2. I surrendered my life to Christ while in college, and it was from my salvation experience I found out about the Christian/Bible foundation of our nation (wasn’t taught it in public school). When our God moves on this nation that He ordained, and because He loves America, multitudes are going to come into His kingdom and as a result learn about America’s true beginnings. Right now, Christ is digging a big, deep pit in which the Biden presidency is going to fall. Don’t give up hope. Trump is God’s choice. Jesus told us to watch and pray – He will answer our prayers. Praise and worship Christ and do as He says “Fear not!”.

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