‘Wacko Feminist Wants to “Put All Men in Camps”‘ (2015)

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How could this have possibly failed to catch on? Well, it was competing with “gender” for center state, and then along came COVID. I mean, no one can juggle all the Far Left Crazy schemes without dropping a few of them.

Wacko Feminist Wants to ‘Put All Men in Camps’

I find it a useful rule of thumb, when encountering any New & Exciting Great Idea, to ask “What would happen if everybody did it?” If the answer to that question is either “We lose our liberty” or “We go extinct,” this this is a stupid Great Idea and ought to be rejected.


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  1. Just last night, a friend called to tell me about business he had been doing, where it was obvious that the people he was doing business with were not in full possession of their faculties. I’ve seen a lot of this lately. I had a major project around the house, and couldn’t get contractors to return bids and/or the materials I would need in order to get the permits.

    A lot of people are now so bought into delusion and hyperbole, that they are no longer able to function in reality. She such people propose policy, it isn’t necessarily rooted in reality.

  2. Well, they’re talking again about putting people in camps — but now it’s all the Trump supporters and other un-Woke types, who need to be deprogrammed.

  3. And to think, a very large chunk of our tax pater money is set aside to fund gender studies in Pakistan ( I think that is the one)! I would never have dreamed that even satan would have come up with schemes like the ones we are seeing now.

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