We hased Infented A Gaime!!!

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Becose “of” Climbit Chainge thare “is” lot of Sno and Iyce all over the kampis and we Are “getting” boared jist Stayying “in” Our doarms heer At Collidge and aslo we Are “runing” shoart Of Play Doh!!!! So we kneed to fined A Gaime we “can” Play!!!!! Ownly its Not so Eezy!!

Like, I tryed “to Play” Shoots & Laders oncet and it jist abuot kilt me!!! Man!!! You got to “be” A Pee-H.D. to play that!!!! I aslo plaid Ticktack-Tow butt i doughnt cee how ennyboddy thay cood evver Win “that” Gaime!!

Butt somb of Our Commassars in Our Stoodint Soviet thay “are” reel, reel Smart and ghess waht??!! Thay has infented A branned Niew Gaime for us too Plaiy!!! It is caled “”I Amb Gillty!”!” and boy is It evver Phun!!!!! and the Byuuty “of It” is Evvry Boddy wins AND Evvry Boddy loozes!!!! I amb nott maiking “this Up”!”

In this heer Gaimb eech of us,, One At “a” Tiyme, yiu Stand Up and yel I Am”b” Gillty of Racism”!” and evvry boddy booos and yellls at yiu “and” aslo cals yiu Naimbs and Then yiu “say:: but “I Amb Not A Racist Ennymoar,, long liv Socile Jutstus!”!” and evvryboddy thay Cheers And yells hurray!!!!!!! and then it “is” somb boddy elsa’s Turrn and thay has to say “I” “Amb Gillty of Hetro Sexerallaty!”!” and evvry boddy thay yell Boo and maik discusting Noyzes until that thare Purson thay say “But “I Amb Not a Hetro Sexurel anny moar!”! and Evvryboddy thay Cheers!!! Bye nhow i amb shure “yiu” “get” The Idear!!!!!!

This heer it “is” jist A Un-beleavvible amownt Of “fun!!!”” Last nihght we plaid All nihght!!! and that Is wye we Feel “so” goood abuot Our Selfs To-day!!!!!

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  1. Joe and his buddies are lucky that they’re allowed to repent. These days even a groveling apology isn’t enough for some of the Woke mobs.

    But at least they get to make a lot of noise, which is all that the the useful idiots who cancel (or riot) on command are interested in.

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