Bonus Hymn, ‘Days of Elijah’

I want to thank Erlene for requesting Days of Elijah. I need some pumping up, I very much doubt I’m the only one, and this hymn will always do the trick. And nobody sings it like a hall full of U.S. Marines. “Out of Zion shall salvation come”–Ooh-rah!

11 comments on “Bonus Hymn, ‘Days of Elijah’

  1. It’s been a while since you posted this one. It needs to be posted on a regular basis. We are in a spiritual war with Satan and his minions – we need the whole armor of God.

  2. I’m sure they won’t mind. There are so many prophecies in the Book of Elijah, and many coming true now
    in our time, and still more to come. Watch Isaiah 17:1

    1. Wow; lol I know some Marines when I was in made joke every Marine a recruiter, because we brag so much about how awesome the Corps is, but not everyone is a billboard ad lol

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