Why Do They Do It?

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Here’s something I cannot, for the life of me, understand. But I do have very smart readers. Maybe some of you can explain it to me.

Why are Democrats so fanatically, maniacally, unhingedly devoted to “transgender”? Why do they push it as if their very lives depended on it? What is it supposed to do for us? How in the world does our country benefit from it? How in the world does this not undermine our culture? To say nothing of its stellar potential for estranging us from God. But then Congressman Nadler says God has no business in the House of Representatives and should just keep out.

Okay, we do a lot of stupid stuff that debases our culture and winds up hurting us. But this is the most stupidest cut of all–demanding that everyone in America deny the reality that there are only two sexes (we got by with that word before they started clubbing us over the head with “gender”) and speak of some fat ugly guy with a wig and a painted face as if he were really and truly a woman. We are expected to spout what we know to be wicked nonsense–not good for our self-respect.

If we rule out demonic possession of a majority in the House of Representatives, and at every other level of government where Democrats congregate, what’s left by way of an explanation? They can’t honestly, truly believe that hormone shots and surgical mutilation actually transforms you into another sex–can they? Because that would make them… insane. And I don’t like the idea of my country being governed by lunatics.

Come on–there has to be a theory that accounts for this. I just can’t think of one myself.

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  1. It’s a religion to them, they are a neo-pagan cult. Once you understand that it all makes sense.

  2. You answered your own question in the second paragraph. What they want is not to “benefit the country” but to tear it down, especially by demolishing all its institutions and culture. Then they can “build it back better” (slogan of the Great Reset and of the ventriloquist’s dummy in the White House), by which they mean build it back from scratch into their imagined Utopia which they will then rule because they are the all-knowing overlords, the Übermenschen of Nietzsche’s fever-dreams.

    Actually, this kind of “Takedown,” to use Paul Kengor’s word for it in his book of the same name, is written into just about every Communist manifesto, from Marx to BLM.

  3. There is only one explanation I can think of. If you have no belief in, or relationship with the true and living God, then you are at the mercies of satan, who has no mercy. He is here to steal, kill and destroy. That is his mission, and they are his victims/ puppets. Their minds are bent, distorted and all but destroyed.

    1. Yes, in Romans chapter one it says God gives them over to a depraved mind. Satan hates man because man is made in the image of God who Satan really hates. First it was destroying the image of God by promoting homosexuality. Now it has gone to the next stage of depravation which is transgenderism. It is terrifying to think what the next stage Satan has planned for destroying God’s image in the world.

    2. Ultimately, they are fighting against God, and He will not let that challenge go unanswered. There will be retribution, perhaps sooner rather than later.

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