Lawsuit Filed Against California Schools Teaching Worship of Aztec Gods

There is no such thing as 'Human Sacrifice'”

This is what they’re “teaching” kids in California schools.

I wish this were a satire, but it isn’t.

Earlier this year, the state school board of California (where else?) unanimously adopted an “ethnic studies curriculum” teaching the worship of Aztec gods–a pagan religion infamous for its massive human sacrifices: and the Thomas More Society this month has filed a lawsuit to stop it (

The curriculum, says the lawsuit, displays “an animus toward Christianity,” which is putting it mildly. “Crazed vitriolic hatred” would be more accurate.

This bilge is to be taught to 6 million children in over 10,000 public schools.

The suit argues that this “curriculum” is a blatantly unconstitutional establishment of religion. And oh–they’re also going to teach the kiddies to pray and chant to the “divine force” of the Yoruba religion.

The school board has offered no comment on the lawsuit.

I can’t get into all the insane details of this lunatic policy. We are surely “educating” ourselves to death, and it has to stop. Meanwhile, what are parents thinking, allowing this garbage to be pumped into children’s heads? Why haven’t they pulled their children out of these schools?

We really must be crazy.

California OKs ‘Ethnic Studies Curriculum’

No, the Capitol riots are not like the BLM protests, say activists

What do you do for extra credit–riot?

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this because it depresses me. But the nooze is the nooze.

First, though, get a load of this lead by the Associated Press: “As America reels from its latest spate of deadly hate crimes and racism…” ( As a former newspaper editor and reporter, who worked hard and tried to do the job as best he could, I can hardly find words for how much this Peking Review/Pravda/Daily Worker-style of pseudo-journalism upsets me. The AP also reminds its defenseless readers that “education is an essential strategy for combating hate.”

Anybody got a barf bag?

So the State Bored of Education voted 11-0 to ring in this curriculum, mostly warmed-over BLM hogwash, some 900 pages of it. It’s for all grades, K-12, and focuses on all the evil racist things America has done to certain minorities. By the time they’ve finished 12 grades of this, those kids are really going to hate America.

Your tax dollars, people! Your money! You pay for this, but you don’t own it! How fair is that?

And why, oh, why does anybody send their children to these propaganda mills?

I’m coming to believe that that’s a sin.

California Schools to Teach Worship of Aztec Gods

There is no such thing as 'Human Sacrifice'”

As long as it’s not the Bible, it’s okay for our schools!

If you thought that last school nooze was bad, get a load of this. No, I’m not making it up. And yes, it’s California again. One is tempted to add “of course.”

A proposed new “ethnic studies curriculum” would teach the kids that they’re all “oppressed,” they need to launch a “counter-genocide” against “white Christians,” and they should pray to the Aztec gods to give them power to become “warriors for social justice” ( Click the link if you want to read the Marxist blather that goes with it.

The California Dept. of Education is expected to vote on this scheme next week.

The chief reason that there is no more Aztec Empire is that their “gods” were bloodthirsty idols that demanded tens of thousands of human sacrifices a year. The Aztecs’ neighbors got rather vexed at being dragged off to have their hearts torn out for this or that false god.

The question must be asked: are our nation’s “educators” in general, and California’s in particular, all stark, raving mad? Next question: Why do we tolerate this? Why do we tamely pay our taxes for it? Why do we continue to send our children to these schools to be taught such wicked nonsense? Maybe we’re the ones who are crazy.

Far Left Crazy is pulling out all the stops to destroy our country. This is war, and we must win… if we want to go on living. No schiff, this is really getting serious. Our public education system has become an existential threat to our nation’s survival.

Pull your kids out NOW.