YouTube Cancels Skepticism About COVID Vaccines

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“Consensus” can get out of hand

One by one, Big Tech is canceling from the social media anyone who raises questions about the safety or efficacy, or even the morality, of the new COVID-19 vaccines. The censorship campaign was launched late last year.

From YouTube we get this: It “would now ban any content with claims about COVID-19 vaccines that contradict consensus from local authorities or the World Health Organization” ( And just like that, “consensus” is elevated to the status of an idol, and the World Health Organization to an absolute authority that cannot be questioned. Never mind that it’s an arm of the abjectly corrupt United Nations.

And legitimate concerns and questions about the vaccines are equated with daft quackery and unhinged conspiracy theories. But in truth, you can question the COVID-19 vaccines without rejecting tried and successful vaccines for, say, polio or smallpox. Questioning does not turn you into a wild-eyed “anti-vaccine” conspiracy nut.

What do you get when you mix science with politics? You get… politics!

When I studied Political Science in college, politics was defined as “the authoritative allocation of value.” The key word there is “authoritative.” It includes the “authority” of brute force, coercion, and shouting down dissent.

And what is “consensus”? It’s nothing more than what everybody, or practically everybody, thinks at the time. “Consensus” doesn’t have to be true, and all too often, it isn’t. The experts can be wrong. The power brokers can be wrong. That’s why real science, an endangered species, always leaves the door open for further questions. But the tough guys with the keys to the jailhouse don’t want to hear any questions.

This is not how honest men and women behave. Whenever “science” relies exclusively on consensus, it isn’t science anymore. It’s only politics.

I don’t have the scientific background to ask penetrating questions about the vaccines. But I do know enough about politics to question the capacity and the motivations of the persons who are pushing the vaccines.

And those are questions that everybody needs to ask.

6 comments on “YouTube Cancels Skepticism About COVID Vaccines

  1. But what YouTube is citing isn’t even “consensus” in the strict sense of the word. If it’s “consensus” from “local health authorities and the WHO” — and which locality would that be? by whom and by what criteria are they considered authorities? and what if different localities disagree with each other or with the WHO? — then it isn’t consensus at all but an opinion of only select sources. Consensus would be when, as you say, everyone or practically everyone addressing the issue agrees.

    Oh, but I forgot … words mean whatever our overlords want them to mean.

    1. Meanwhile, most of Europe has stopped the vaccines because of a problem with blood clots. Don’t they care about consensus?

    2. I think it’s just the Astra-Zeneca “vaccine” that’s been suspended because of the blood clots. The Moderna and Pfizer versions are having other horrible side effects but keep being pushed. The Johnson & Johnson version has a lower “effectiveness” rate and used aborted-baby cells in the production stage, not just the testing stage, but it’s still being used, although not pushed as hard as the Moderna and Pfizer versions because of the lower “effectiveness” rate and the need for only one shot (i.e., fewer payments to the drug company for each patient).

      Note that I put “effectiveness” in scare quotes. Even the drug companies themselves say they don’t know whether the drugs actually prevent catching or transmitting the disease, or for how long — just maybe ameliorating symptoms when someone does catch the disease. And of course the All-Powerful Fauci and the CDC say everyone who’s “vaccinated” (also scare quotes because it’s really cell manipulation rather than vaccination) still has to wear muzzles and stay isolated — so there appears to be no point to the shot except to keep people divided from each other and used to being subjugated by the government.

    3. It’s obedience training for us.
      Meanwhile, how many times has Bill Gates publicly said the earth’s human population must be reduced?
      Maybe that’s what this is all about. (“You’ll thank us for it someday!”)

  2. What is consensus without dissent? How can truth ever be known if it is not allowed to be debated freely?

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