Election 2020: Challenges Continue

Reform' legislation opens door for election fraud | Senator Jim Oberweis |  Illinois State Senator

Just so you know, several states are continuing their legal challenges against the stinking mass of chicanery that was our last election. For details, read Mike Huckabee’s article in “The Stream” (https://stream.org/surprise-some-courts-are-looking-at-the-2020-election/).

The states most immediately involved are Michigan, Wisconsin, Virginia, Georgia (the shenanigans in Fulton County are the main issue there), and Arizona.

No one has told us what will happen if those challenges stand up in court. Meanwhile, Democrats in Congress are trying to legalize all the skullduggery that went on last November. I wonder if we still have a functioning Republican Party. Someone needs to put a stop to this, or our elections will never be worth anybody’s trust again.

Yes, we can lose our constitutional republic. You might even say we are losing it.

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  1. I’m not very optimistic about all this. As you say, Lee, what could possibly be done if the election outcomes are declared invalid? And what would be the response in the streets to any kind of outcome? Like Unknowable, I’ll just wait and see … and tremble.

    1. Obviously we’re just supposed to let them grab our country and do anything they please with it, even if they cheated their way into power.

    2. What I *hope* happens is that a new election is called, say, within 2 weeks, just between the two front runners. No campaigning, and the media has to publish the findings that led to the ruling, without commentary. Anything that was done by the illegitimate administration gets frozen. If they legitimately win, the freeze would be lifted. If they loose, it all becomes null and void.

      I feel it would be the least chaotic course of action.

      Not that I expect it to happen. More likely, you’ll have what happened her in Canada. Elections Canada found our 2015 election results had been influenced by third party organizations (most of them based in the US), it was quietly reported in the news, and then disappeared. Our conservative opposition has no spine, and too many citizens are apathetic.

    3. I would love to see that happen, but our leaders do seem determined to fail us–they don’t want to put this to rights, the crime is too big, and they’re afraid of rioters. They might even be afraid of the media.

      If we had had this bunch running the country in the 1940s, we’d all be speaking Japanese.

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