‘When They Make You Say It’ (2018)

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Personally, I can’t think of anything more demeaning, hateful, or wrath-provoking than being forced to say something that I don’t believe. I’m glad they hadn’t yet gotten into this when I was in college.

When They Make You Say It

And who makes you say things that you don’t believe? Liberals, of course! The very same hypocrities who are always yammering about “oppression” and “bullying”!

They need to be pitched into a river.

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  1. No, because throwing these creatures into a river or any natural setting would be littering in the extreme. Put them in a landfill where they might be of SOME use.

  2. They’re doing it routinely at the university where I used to teach. “Black Lives Matter” propaganda has been officially introduced into almost every course in my old department — and this means that students will have to use it as a first premise in just about everything they write for a course. I’m afraid only home-schooled students will see anything wrong with this, and I don’t know what other courses the objectors can take to fulfill their university and major requirements.

    1. I wonder if they teach about all the blacks that owned slaves – probably not. Or how even whites were slaves in some cases. Oh how the left spins the Past to fit their narrative.

  3. The pot calling the kettle black. Tom Cruz received the MSM wrath last month over his Cancun vacation (he did cut it short), and said it was an example of the MSM suffering from Trump Withdrawal.

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