New Drug Makes You a Deep Thinker!

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New from Bustem Labs! “Profunditol” (TM) will turn you into a deep thinker rivaling the greatest philosophers and scientists of all time!

Accidently discovered while pursuing research into hair restoring creams, Profunditol’s effects were immediately apparent. “You eat a bowl of it, or put a couple of scoops of it on a sugar cone, and take it like it’s ice cream,” explained company janitor Sid Viscous. “It tastes terrible! But it’ll make you smarter in a hurry. Look at Joe Biden: he takes it every day.”

So does Violet Crepuscular, “But she’s now too smart,” said Viscous, “to do an endorsement for free.”

Profunditol is expected to transform the human race into vast multitudes of scientists, philosophers, artistes, and vagabonds.

Ask your community organizer about it today!

4 comments on “New Drug Makes You a Deep Thinker!

  1. Too late! I already bought the One Easy Trick To Become A Genius from an online clickbait ad. Gee, I wish I’d seen this one first. Oh well. Maybe if I take both I’ll be a super-genius. Sort of like taking two — no, three — no, four! — covid jabs. (Has it occurred to anyone that this new talk about fully “vaccinated” people having to take a booster shot every six or twelve months sounds remarkably like a drug pusher getting someone hooked on a small dose of a “harmless” drug until dependency, tolerance, and never-ending craving set in?)

    1. And of course they want us to keep the masks and social distancing regardless of whether anyone’s been vaccinated or not.

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