Closed Schools: A Blessing in Disguise

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Before we complain too energetically about so many of our public schools still being closed Because COVID, here are a few things to consider.

Every day the schools are closed is one day less that Far Left unionized teachers can poison children’s minds with “critical race theory.”

Closed schools mean children cannot be taught that America is an evil racist country that was only founded to promote slavery.

Every day the schools are closed is another day that can’t be devoted to indoctrination into transgender hogwash.

Closed schools mean children have to be socialized by their families instead of by their age-group peers and toxic “friends.”

Every day the public schools are closed is another inducement to families to abandon those schools and opt for Christian schools or homeschooling.

These are not trivial benefits. They will greatly benefit our country. If we could shut down the colleges and universities, too, leftism in America would up and die.

Think about it.

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  1. I’m all for that. I know how toxic the school system is. This is an opportunity to make something good from what the enemy intended for harm.

  2. Early on, when schools were first being shut down, I made a prediction. While I was actively homeschooling and other parents found out we homeschooled our kids, I would frequently get people saying that they would like to homeschool, but couldn’t. Usually it was either because they felt they were not “qualified” to teach their own kids, or they couldn’t figure out how to homeschool and work at the same time, but a lot also believed that they and their kids simply would not want to be around each other that much. My prediction was that a lot of families would discover that 1) they and their kids actually liked each other and enjoyed each other’s company when school was not in the picture and 2) that they actually could educate their children at home, and do a better job than the “experts” in the school system.

    In the past year, my prediction seems to be panning out. I still keep in touch with homeschool support groups, and they have seen a HUGE increase in membership, as families decided to go all-in and officially start homeschooling (even with the school boards and government bodies giving them false information about things like registration dates and legal requirements).

    I am now making another prediction. Homeschoolers have always been in a battle with teacher’s unions and government bodies to keep them OUT of their homes. I predict that this battle is going to go into overdrive, as teachers continue to refuse to return to the classroom and insist on virtual schooling. They will demand that all families do “school at home” through them, and that the schools and government control what kids can learn, when they can learn it, and how – and parents would be banned from the “classrooms”. This would give them total control not only of the kids, but of their family’s entire daily schedule. What they can’t seem to figure out, though, is how impossible it is. Not every family can afford a computer, never mind one for each child. Not every family can afford the internet. Not every family can rearrange their home lives to suit a school’s schedule. Especially for those with more than one school age child, who would be expected to have their own “classroom” and computer and class schedule, all at the same time. Even homeschoolers who do “school at home” find they can complete an entire day’s worth of lessons in only a couple of hours. Forcing kids to sit in front of a screen while teachers babble on about critical race theory and various other agenda driven ideologies isn’t going to last very long!

    1. I pray you’re right. I’ll stick to something I’ve been saying for yours:

      Kill public education, and the Far Left dies.

  3. I tend to agree with you re: public education, but I also feel trepidation. We homeschooled in three different provinces, and were active in a national online support groups. The last years were in one of the most conservative provinces in the country at the time (that’s no longer true). The homeschooler stereotypes run between the “fundamentalist” Christians that don’t believe in science, etc., or the aging hippies. Most of the homeschoolers we’ve known fell into the aging hippy stereotype, and proudly so. And for the last years of homeschooling, we were registered with a Christian school board. The board was awesome so, of course, when a lefty government got elected, they tried to wipe them out. They failed, but the controversy really brought out how many homeschoolers, in such a “conservative” province, were far left extremists. The bigotry against Christians was so blatant, but of course they framed their narrative as being the “loving” ones, while the targets of their vitriol were the “hate filled homophobes”. I knew families that chose to homeschool because they found the public schools were too “conservative”. They also had to have their token gay kid (today, it would be a token trans kid) in the family, and aren’t they wonderful for not hating their own kid for being gay? It was very disheartening.

    1. Even so… it’s impossible for me to believe any kind of “education” could be worse than the critical race theory being served up by the public schools.

      Of course there will be people who homeschool because they want to teach evil and folly. It’s only what to expect in a fallen world.

      But Christian homeschooling is still a way we have of serving God and doing our best.

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